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Deeper perspectives and technical insights into MoboTrex®-designed traffic control solutions, as well as our Eagle brand products and partner products.

Solar School Beacon Charging & Monitoring

Monitoring of solar school beacons The following failure modes need to be detected by the monitoring system. Is the battery voltage dropping low overnight, indicating imminent failure? Has the battery been stolen? Has the solar panel been stolen? Has the vegetation grown over the solar panel (or dirt degraded the performance) so that the solar

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Vantage® Velocity™ Arterial Travel Time System – Cedar Park, Texas

Featured Agency Cedar Park, located about 20 miles north of Austin and home to roughly 50,000 residents, is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the Austin area. The City currently manages 50 signalized intersections, with all of the intersections currently using Iteris’ Vantage® video detection systems. The City also recently utilized the design and

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New Controllers Bring Enhanced Platform for ITS

Give Better Intersection Management Control We’re excited to see our customers moving towards the next generation of intersection management. The new Siemens M60 ATC controller and Linux upgrade kits allow customers to move up to the latest Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Standards. This gives traffic engineers in all sizes of municipalities the ability to make

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Grunewald on Coordination

Traffic specialists often speak with us about traffic flow challenges that are seemingly timeless. You’ve got a newly-paved corridor and new traffic signals. So why would the motoring public not be completely thrilled? The answer lies in an age-old problem: will the arterial green be long enough to move the heavy traffic?  Will the arterial

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Signal Cabinet Electronic Locks

If you’ve had nagging thoughts about our industry’s traditional #2 key/lock cabinet standard, take heart. The key, which can be purchased on eBay for a mere $6, is about to be fortified with a customized electronic lock and tracking software. “There is much more public exposure than initially meets the eye,” said MoboTrex Engineer Ben

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