ATC Traffic Cabinet Spare Parts - Group Picture


One thing to keep in mind when transitioning to the new ATC series of cabinets is to build up an inventory of spare parts for emergencies.  An advantage to an ATC cabinet versus the older generation of cabinets is the ability to quickly and easily swap out some of the subassemblies while keeping the cabinet in flash.  Because of the modular design, the Eagle ATC Input Assembly and Output Assembly can be easily replaced in minutes by just unplugging a few connectors and installing the new assembly.  MoboTrex recommends keeping spares of these subassemblies and some of the plug-in components on hand for emergencies.  The table below lists the minimum recommended quantities of the spare parts.

Recommended Spare Parts Lists

  • Input Assembly (1)
  • Output Assembly (1)
  • High-Density Switch Pack/Flasher Unit (5)
  • SIU (2)
  • CMU (1)
  • DataKey Programmer (1)
  • Main Contactor (1)