Yunex controller line for use in NEMA style cabinets

The Yunex m60 series ATC complies with the industry’s latest Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) standard 5.2b. Built on the proven m50 hardware architecture, combined with powerful industry-leading SEPAC software, the Linux-based m60 series ATC provides a host of functions to meet the   needs of traffic agencies of all sizes. The m60 series ATC provides multiple Ethernet, USB and other industry-specific interfaces, facilitating both backwards and forwards compatibility. The m60 series ATC  also enables easy hosting of third-party applications. In addition, the m60 series ATC exceeds industry standards by providing usability features that include the new Siemens Multiview Display concept (SMD) with real-time active status, context-sensitive HELP screens and user-programmable favorite buttons. The m60 series ATC is truly a nerve center for the connected intersection of the future.

MoboTrex Dial/Split/Offset & Action Plan Conversion Tool

Yunex Traffic, a division of Siemens, has unified their SEPAC software so controllers running EPAC and NTCIP protocols are programmed using the same menu structure. However, they have eliminated their Dial/Split/Offset combinations and now refer to Action Plan Patterns. MoboTrex has developed an online Conversion Tool which will help you translate D/S/Os to Patterns and Patterns to D/S/Os. View it here.