Installed inside the traffic cabinet at an intersection, the 4080 Optical Signal Processor (OSP) provides power for 209X and 4090 Optical Detectors, receives, decodes and prioritizes signals from the detectors, communicates with other traffic control devices, and optically isolates the preemption channels.

The 4080 responds on a first-come, first-served basis to optical signals from vehicles within two signal bands.  Emergency band signals are typically emitted by emergency vehicles to effect a preemption of normal traffic control timing and are given the highest priority to allow rapid emergency response with enhanced safety.  Transit band signals are generally emitted by transit or other non-emergency municipal vehicles to effect a priority change for the vehicle’s approach direction without necessarily interrupting traffic control timing.

The 4080 OSP is compatible with NEMA TS-1, TS-2, and CA/NY 170, and 2070 controllers and meets all NEMA and CalTrans environmental requirements.  The 4080 plugs directly into a 170 input file without any additional hardware and does not use the internal 24VDC cabinet power.  For NEMA cabinets without prewired preemption slots, the TOMAR model 1881 rack provides the necessary hardware and harnessing to allow simple connection to detector outputs and controller inputs.


Plug-and-Play Firmware allows the ability to add accessories in the field without manual configuration. This allows you to buy only what is needed today and add more capability later, saving precious funds.

Active Reflection Suppression prevents cross street preemption due to reflected emitter technology. Only TOMAR’s advanced, digital signal processing can eliminate this troublesome side effect making system installation and setup far less critical.

Expansion Port provides easy connection of the 4080 to other accessory modules like green phase monitors, confirmation light drivers, and external preemption adapters for controllers that do not have internal preemption software.

  • Universal AC input voltage
  • Enhanced transient/lightning protection
  • Short-circuit proof detector power
  • Simplified front panel interface
  • Jumper configurable to accept or reject various emitter types
  • Jumper configurable to select confirmation light patterns and behavior