Dialight PV LED Lamp Modules


  • Direct retrofit replacement for incandescent lamps used in Programmable Visibility (PV) signals
  • Compatible with McCain and 3M signal heads
  • 90% reduction in power vs. incandescent
  • Long life; up to 10 times longer than incandescent
  • Failure of single LED results in loss of light from that LED only
  • Moisture and dust resistant


  • Operating Voltage Range:
    80VAC to 135VAC (120VAC nominal)
  • Power factor greater >0.9
  • Total harmonic distortion <20%
  • Fuse and transient suppressor incorporated for line and load protection
  • Meets FCC Title 47, Subpart B,
    Section 15 Regulations for electrical noise
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +74°C
  • Turn-On/Turn-Off Time = 75 msec max
  • Written warranty available on request
Download Datasheet for Dialight PV LED Lamp Modules