Eagle Electronic Traffic Cabinet Lock


The Eagle Electronic Cabinet Lock is designed to only allow access to authorized users for a traffic or ITS cabinet. Using a “two-factor authentication” process, the user needs both a #2 key and a passcode or proximity card to access the cabinet. This eliminates the need to install padlocks or purchase new electronic keys and distribute them to maintenance technicians and contractors that need access to the cabinet.

The Eagle Electronic Cabinet Locks utilize a powered solenoid that engages the lock and will not allow it to disengage unless presented with an authorized passcode or prox card. Once access is granted, the solenoid drops out and the lock can be opened with a standard #2 key. Unlike other electronic lock solutions, there is no need for a special key that has to be charged – all the power is provided by the cabinet itself. These locks can be installed in new cabinets, or retrofitted to any existing standard traffic or ITS enclosure.

The default lock controller includes a web browser access that allows the user to remotely add or edit users, give access for specific time period with an expiring code, or even manually locking and unlocking the solenoid when utilizing Ethernet connectivity. The Eagle Electronic Cabinet Lock is also available to work with other lock controllers, allowing an agency to use the same hardware that controls access to their offices, signal shops, and public works building to access their traffic cabinets. This method greatly simplifies the code or prox card programming for the locks.


  • Utilizes existing standard #2 keys – no need for charging
  • Available for retrofit in any standard traffic enclosure or installed in new cabinets
  • Light and sound confirmation indications
  • Can be programmed to work with most existing proximity cards
  • Individual codes per user for tracking and identification purposes
  • Default controller includes web browser access for adding and editing users, tracking events, and manual control of the solenoid
  • Can work with existing hardware – use the same door controller as your office, garage, or building for easy user setup and ongoing support and maintenance
  • Rated for outdoor cabinet environments – keypad/reader can be installed inside police panel, add-on enclosure, or directly to the outside of the cabinet


  • Proximity card reader or Keypad/Reader combination
  • Fail open or fail closed during power failure – fail closed version includes backup power receptacle to access lock
  • Default controller or custom hardware to match the controller hardware used for door access at your office or signal shop
  • Control up to 4 locks for different cabinet styles – NEMA, Caltrans, or ATC (1, 2, or 4-door)