The Iteris SPM™ service offers a proactive understanding of your arterial and intersection operations, with clearer insights and actionable information.

The foundation of our Intersection-as-a-Service™ offering is Iteris SPM – a cloud-based solution that provides proactive operations and signal maintenance, with continuous monitoring of device and system health, and regular automated notifications.

We also provide before-and-after studies to highlight the increased safety of the intersection and more efficient use of agency resources since installation.

Iteris has licensed traffic engineers on staff with extensive signal timing experience and detection expertise. We provide 24/7/365 signalized intersection monitoring without the need for special cabinet hardware.

Full implementation and phase setup, as well as ongoing maintenance and system reviews, are included.

Multiple Applications

Iteris SPM is used by agencies across the country for multiple applications, including:

  • Evaluating detailed, per movement/phase information at intersection level
  • Understanding the causes of intersection congestion and delay
  • Providing a feedback loop to improve signal/arterial operations in real time
  • Accessing transportation network effectiveness and system delay
  • And many more

Performance Measures

  • Turning movement counts
  • Red-light violations
  • Split monitor and split failure
  • Purdue phase termination
  • Approach delay and pedestrian delay
  • Arrivals on green