Stretch P Hybrid NEMA Traffic Cabinet


The Eagle Stretch P Hybrid is designed to offer the convenience of 19″ rack mounting combined with the familiarity of the NEMA TS2 Type 1 architecture. The cabinet includes (2) 19″ racks to maximize the amount of space for equipment in a standard NEMA “P44” (Size 6) footprint.

The cabinet includes a NEMA TS2 Type 1 terminal facility including 16 output channels and up to 64 input channels mounted in a 19″ rack. This traffic control functionality is contained in one rack, while the other rack is open and available for a variety of other uses, including battery backup, communications, CCTV, AV/CV applications, and DMS signs. This allows an agency to utilize a single cabinet for multiple uses, eliminating the need for several different cabinets at one intersection. The Stretch P Hybrid includes (4) doors for easy access to both 19″ racks.

The cabinet fits directly on a NEMA “P44” foundation, allowing for easy swap out of existing cabinets without pouring a new foundation or running new conduit.


66″ H x 44″ W x 26″ D

Standard Features

  • 16-channel NEMA TS2 Type 1 loadbay utilizing half-width BIUs with Type 1 “A” power connector and MMU connectors
  • Field output panel with #10-32 screw-type terminal blocks for connections to signal heads
  • 16-channel detector rack with 4 additional preemption channels
  • Field input panel with #8-32 screw-type terminal blocks and optional input surge suppressors
  • Power distribution assembly with (2) flasher sockets, GFCI receptacle, technician test switches, and shelf for pluggable Eagle cabinet power supply and MMU
  • Power panel with pluggable surge suppressor, hybrid main contactor, main power terminal blocks, main and auxiliary circuit breakers, and ground and neutral bus bars
  • 6–port SDLC bus for serial communication to controller, MMU, terminal facility, and detectors
  • Two thermostatically controlled ventilation fans
  • LED interior cabinet lighting – one panel mounted over each door, door-switch controlled
  • Pull-out drawer with shelf for NEMA controller
  • Police panel with Auto/Flash, Signal On/Off, and Auto/Manual switches with pluggable manual control cable

Standard Enclosure Specifications

  • Completely fabricated from 1/8″ thick type 5052-H32 vinyl-coated, mill-finished aluminum utilizing continuously welded construction.
  • Door openings double flanged on all sides.
  • Exhaust outlet openings provided under roof.
  • All internal and external hardware utilizes non-corrosive material.
  • Automatic door stop can be latched at 90° and 180° positions.
  • Furnished with (2) internal E.I.A. 19″ racks for mounting equipment.

Standard Door Specifications

  • Provided with three-point locking mechanism with nylon rollers at the top and bottom.
  • 3/4″ diameter stainless steel inward turning handles with provisions for padlocking.
  • Main door locks – industrial standard pin tumbler lock with #-2. key.
  • Louvered inlet with filter to prevent dirt from entering with air flow.
  • A 2″ deep fabricated switch compartment is included with a standard police lock and a stainless steel continuous hinge with a 1/8″ diameter hinge pin riveted in place. Compartment is mounted flush to the left front door.
  • Closed cell PVC door gasket with polyester film to prevent sticking.
  • Stainless steel leave hinges with .190″ diameter stainless steel hinge pins. Pin ends are welded to the hinge and ground smooth. Hinge pins and bolts are covered by the door edge and not accessible when the door is closed.