Myers EPS MP Series Battery Backup System is a complete, easy to use continuous power solution designed specifically for traffic applications. It provides uninterrupted power to traffic signal control equipment with connection to utility or generator power as a primary power source and battery power as a secondary source, with a 8 millisecond, or below transfer time. Battery power is provided by AGM valve regulated lead acid batteries designed specifically for UPS applications with available capacities ranging from 33 AH – 105 AH+ at 60 C.


  • Local Keypad Programmability – including status monitoring, setting/testing of various parameters, dry contact programming, and more. No laptop necessary.
  • Six Fully Programmable Dry Contacts – provides greater control of system components and functions.
  • Backlit LCD Displays – easily readable in all light conditions.
  • Remote Access through a serial interface via an RS232, USB port or Ethernet communication card.
  • 1500 watt; 2000VA
  • Anderson connector
  • Rotating Meter display
  • Provides fully interactive program and status reporting using built-in, Windows-compatible software.
  • Time/Date Stamp of Events and Alarms – up to 100 events with download and print capability.
  • Data Dump Commands available through RS232 port, USB port or Ethernet communication card.
  • Caltrans QPL approval