Made in America

Our Why, How & What

We strive to be trusted experts (our why) who add value (our how) by making sense out of complex things (our what).

Our Mission – (What we do)

MoboTrex is driven to keep people safe, move traffic smoothly, and protect the environment by delivering traffic control expertise and innovative products.


Our Values – (What we believe)

  1. Do the right thing
  2. Treat others like we want to be treated
  3. Communicate clearly and timely
  4. Achieve results
  5. Put safety first

Our Strategies (How we accomplish our objectives)

  1. Hire great people
  2. Be trusted mobility and traffic experts
  3. Proactively diversify and manage our supply chain
  4. Identify and create connected infrastructure projects
  5. Never stop improving our people, processes and technology

Available Opportunities

Traffic Engineer – All Locations

Technical Services Assistant – Davenport, IA

Service Manager – Davenport, IA

Service Manager/Tech Support Mgr. – Davenport, IA


Applicant Policy

There are many administrative and contractual responsibilities placed on MoboTrex, Inc. as a contractor with certain city, state and federal agencies. To remain in compliance with our Affirmative Action Plan, résumés and applications for job openings at MoboTrex, Inc. must be documented and all applicants surveyed for their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, and protected veteran status. For these reasons, the following Applicant Policy is in effect:

• Applications and résumés will be accepted ONLY when there is an open and/or listed position. Unsolicited applications and résumés will not be retained or considered.
• All applicants must specify the job(s) for which they are applying. Application forms that indicate “any job” or incomplete applications will not be considered and will be placed in an inactive file for a period of 6 months.
• A listing of open positions will be available on our website, supplied to all state job agencies and/or local departments of workforce development and also can be provided upon request.
• Although an applicant may submit a résumé along with their application, the application form must be completed in its entirety for consideration. Only applicants who complete an application will be considered. All candidates who receive in-person interviews are required to fully complete the employment application in order to receive further consideration for the position.
• Applications will be actively considered for 180 days. After that period of time, an applicant will be required to re-apply if a position becomes available.
• Internal applications in the form of employee “Promotion/Transfer Requests” will be actively considered for 180 days.
Human Resources is responsible for administering this policy, surveying/logging/tracking applicants, and responding to individuals regarding MoboTrex, Inc.’s’ employment opportunities.