Iteris EdgeConnect Remote Communications Module


Vantage EdgeConnect™ is a unique technology-first product that enhances connectivity between systems in the field and a remote management system. Iteris’ EdgeConnect quad-view remote communications module provides both local and remote management of data and video over Ethernet – enabling system operators to manage their Vantage® video detection systems more efficiently and effectively by allowing the user to view real-time video and move data from the field to a central location.

Highly Flexible for Unique User Experience

Vantage EdgeConnect’s advanced MPEG4/H.264 video compression ability minimizes bandwidth usage, and is scalable to fit the bandwidth available.

Data rates can be set as low as 32 kbps or as high as 7 Mbps. Variable video frame rates between 5 and 30 frames per second also allow the user to optimize the streaming video to fit their specific application.

The EdgeConnect module provides the ability to view up to four camera feeds through a single IP connection, enabling the user to quickly review the operation of an entire intersection on one screen.

The easy-to-use, browser-based user interface simplifies the management of video streams.


  • Convenient – Quickly review the operation of an entire intersection on one screen.
  • Scalable – MPEG4/H.264 video compression ability is scalable to fit the bandwidth available.
  • Streamlined – “Plug-and-play” operation enables use of existing detector rack, minimizing the need for re-configuring the controller cabinet.
  • Easy to Install – Ease of setup and remote access reduces time and cost of installation and maintenance of equipment.