Dialight 12’’ ITE Compliant XOD15 Series


Fully compliant to the latest ITE Specifications, Dialight offers a full product line of LED traffic signal modules, arrows and pedestrian signals. Featuring the lowest wattage in the industry, Dialight’s LED Traffic Signals are helping municipalities worldwide cut energy costs and   reduce  maintenance.


  • IEC 1000-4-5, 3KV, 2 ohm source   impedance
  • ANSI/IEEE C62, 41-2002; IEC 61000-4-12, 6KV, 200A, 100KHz ring wave
  • NEMA TS-2 Sec. 2.1.6 and Sec. 1.8

Features  & Benefits

  • 15 year full performance  warranty
  • Enhanced Thermal management
  • All modules meet the ITE VTCSH LED Vehicle Arrow Traffic Signal Supplement over the full temperature range of -40oC to + 70oC
  • All modules meet the ITE VTCSH-LED Circular Signal Supplement over the full temperature range of -40°C to  +74°C
  • Robust Hi-Flux LED Technology
  • Meets/exceeds  ITE  uniformity  specifications  (Better than 10-to-1)
  • Transient suppression exceeds ITE and NEMA specifications (Up to 6KV)
  • Meets/exceeds  ITE  moisture  intrusion  specifications
  • Meets/exceeds  ITE  failed  state  impedance specifications
  • Hard coated lenses for abrasion resistance
  • Intertek-ETL certification (pending)
  • Long life power supply is conformally coated for robust operation