The Smart Tracker is an IP-ready, GPS-enabled device that provides the system owning and/or managing agency with remote access control of (8) NEMA Rated 5-15R outlets, (8) 10A output relays, (8) digital inputs, (2) analog DC voltage inputs (for battery voltage monitoring), plus temperature and humidity sensors – all in one unit!

Embedded in each Smart Tracker is a web page that provides a summary of system details and operating states. The web page allows the user to configure all outlets, relays, inputs, and other system parameters. This control is available anywhere with access to a standard web browser – saving time and money!

While it is ideal in the field, the Smart Tracker has also proven valuable in other settings such as test laboratories, traffic control centers, server rooms, equipment hubs, and remote locations.

The three basic functions of the Smart Tracker are control, respond and automate.


The Smart Tracker’s ethernet capabilities allow it to provide up-to-date operating parameters including voltage, temperature, humidity, device time and more all on a user friendly webpage.

Remote Access

Through the on board webpage the user can reset a remote device, eliminating the need for manual resetting. Users also have the ability to schedule devices on each outlet to turn on/off at specific time intervals.

GPS Tracking

Through GPS tracking you will be able to know the exact location of the Smart Tracker deployed in your system.

Event Log

The Smart Tracker can provide event logs for each event that takes place on its outlets, digital inputs, or outputs. This allows for easy tracking and reporting on equipment usage.