Customer Case Studies

Check out examples of our work. Our customers have found solutions to traffic problems just like yours. See how we can help solve mobility and traffic issues for you.

Vantage® Case Study: Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina, the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, has a population of almost ¼ million, and has nearly 200 signalized intersections. The city’s heavy clay soil base combined with deep winter frost conditions have made it nearly impossible to keep inductive loops working. With a growing population base, this capital city needed to find

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Improving Road Safety for School Children

How can we use technology to make roads safer for schools? Modern technology has jumped forward, everything in today’s world is getting connected to the internet, making things easier to manage. We can now utilize these technological breakthroughs to make our school roadways safer. We use school zone flashers to ensure that we slow vehicles

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City of Marietta Storm-Induced Power Failure

Business Challenge On June 24, 2015, a wide area power failure was detected at multiple school beacons within the City of Marietta. Immediately a text message and email was sent to the Marietta traffic engineers alerting them about the multiple power failure. A large storm had just passed through city and caused a area wide

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City of Sandy Springs Power Failure & BBS Notifications

Business Challenge On June 20, 2015, a Saturday, a power failure was detected at an intersection within the City of Sandy Springs. Immediately a text message and email was sent to the Sandy Springs traffic engineers alerting them about the power failure. A second alert message was sent out to confirm that the battery back up

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Vector Trip Line Programming

Background – “The Dilemma Zone” The Vantage Vector hybrid detector has the ability to address dilemma zone applications, those times when vehicles approaching the stop bar aren’t sure what to do when the light turns yellow. The typical driver sees the light change from green to yellow, and the panicked thought is “Oh no! I’m

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