Vantage® Case Study: Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina, the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, has a population of almost ¼ million, and has nearly 200 signalized intersections. The city’s heavy clay soil base combined with deep winter
Regina, Saskatchewanfrost conditions have made it nearly impossible to keep inductive loops working. With a growing population base, this capital city needed to find a more reliable alternative detection technology to help keep their traffic flowing smoothly. That alternative, better- than-loops detection solution was video.

“Having the ability to remotely access our video detection is huge for us. We can make on the fly configuration adjustments to multiple intersections in minutes using VRAS. If there is a problem, we can start troubleshooting the system before the technicians even leave the shop, allowing us to be more prepared when we get there.”

  – Darrell Geiss, Traffic Technical Operations, City of Regina, SK

After winning an initial RFP-based procurement for video detection, Iteris supplied nearly 30 intersections of Vantage® video detection cameras and processors, and also provided City staff with training on maintenance and operation of the systems. The initial installation was quick and trouble-free, and the City immediately began to reap benefits from the Iteris video detection system that it could not get from their previous detection standard, loops.

Iteris EdgeConnectBecause the City was also implementing a wireless communication network throughout, they added valuable operational functionality by bringing back live streaming video from the intersections on demand, to signal technicians and the City’s TMC, with the Iteris EdgeConnect™ product.

Video detection gives us the flexibility we need.”

 – Madhuri Seera, P.E., PTOE., Senior Traffic Engineer, City of Regina, SK

The City is also utilizing the Iteris VantageView™ product to manage all
Iteris VantageView of their video detection assets remotely. Because VantageView provides the ability to view live video from the network, the City is able to quickly diagnose any problems that come up, even on weekends and after regular working hours. This immediate and simple access to cameras and processors has in many cases helped eliminate a field visit to the intersection, saving time and money, and increasing staffing productivity.

Regina has standardized on Iteris Vantage video detection, and their current conversion to Iteris cameras has now exceeded 100 intersections. Almost 70 of those intersections are sending live video back to their TMC.

A detection system at an intersection can be installed in a short time by only a few workers, causing minimal traffic disruption. In the winter months a large snowfall can cause 3 lanes of traffic to quickly become 1 or 2 until the snow is fully removed. Detection can be adjusted by simply moving the zones, allowing the intersection to keep operating efficiently without the use of recalls.”

– Darrell Geiss, Traffic Technical Operations, City of Regina, SK

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