EDI SSMLE-FYAc Series Advanced Signal Monitors

Enhanced NEMA Signal Monitor Units For Protected/Permissive Signal Displays Utilizing Flashing Yellow Arrows

The SSMLE-FYAc series signal monitors provide the highest level of fault monitoring for agencies utilizing the four section FYA movement outlined by the NCHRP Research Project 3-54 on Protective/Permissive signal displays with Flashing Yellow Arrows.

The FYAc approach provides 4 thru phases, 4 FYA approaches, and 4 pedestrian phases in a twelve position back panel. (Also see the SSMLE-FYA model).

The SSMLE-FYAc series signal monitor includes both six channel (SSM6LE-FYAc) and twelve channel (SSM12LE-FYAc)  configurations.

Download Datasheet for EDI SSMLE-FYAc Series Advanced Signal Monitors