Traffic Cabinet Detector Racks


The Cabinet Detector Rack (CDR) provides housing and circuitry for one (1) BIU and up to 16 channels of detection (eight (8) two-channel or four (4) four-channel detector cards). The CDR is programmable for any of the four (4) TS2 defined detector rack addresses. A 37-pin connector is attached to the printed circuit board for designated inputs/outputs.

Other models are available with 4 channels of optical detection and external vehicle detector inputs.

CDR100 – 16 channel, 8 position rack.
Requires ABW12062P008 (8ft) or ABW12062P010 (10ft) cable.

Dimensions: 14.6″W x 5.4″H x 7.5″D

CDR101 – 8 channel, 4 position rack.
Requires ABW12303P006 (6ft) or ABW12303P001 (7.5ft).
Dimensions: 9.8″W x 5.9″H x 7.1″D

AAD12047P001 – 16 channel, 10 position rack.
Requires ABW12062P008 (8ft) or ABW12062P010 (10ft) cable.

Optional ABW12047P002 allows for 4 additional channels of preempt detection (and Opticom compatibility). Optional ABW12047P001 allows for momentary push button detector call capability (Opticom, Tomar, or standard preempt compatible).
Dimensions: 17″W x 7.1″D x 5.9″H

Download Datasheet for Cabinet Detector Racks