Batteries for ITS/Traffic

Traffic management systems demand a robust battery that will perform well, even in harsh environments. Our AGM batteries have been relied on in backup traffic applications nationwide for more than two decades.

In addition, our PantheonCell™ LiFePO4 Batteries have over 4 times the life cycle of other lithium-ion batteries, the LiFePO4 battery is also the safest lithium battery type on the market. LiFePO4 batteries accommodate a reach of 3,000-5,000 cycles or more and can reach 100% depth of discharge (DOD). This is important because with LiFePO4 (unlike other batteries) over discharging your battery is no longer a concern.

The LiFePO4 will serve you 10 years, providing a savings over time. In addition to raising the bar on life span and savings over the Lithium Ion Battery, the LiFePO4 batteries take a step beyond all other batteries in the following areas:

Safe and Stable Chemistry

The dangers of certain batteries have hit the news recently with lithium-ion laptops exploding. This issue has been addressed and resolved with the LiFePO4 which serves not only as the safest lithium battery type but of any battery type.

The LiFePO4 can be described as incombustible. Its lithium chemistry allows it to be the safest battery on the market. The thermal and structural stability of lithium iron phosphate outshines lead acid and most other battery types. For battery use such as uninterruptible power systems and in everyday use such as vehicles, high temperatures are not met with decomposition or thermal runaway. The LiFePO4 will keep cool at room temperature and maintain high efficiency and safety in the event of hazardous situations such as short-circuiting or a crash.