"Batt Cave" Riser Base - NEMA Traffic Cabinets


The “Batt Cave” is a revolutionary new product from Eagle designed to hold up to (4) four batteries for use in a battery backup system. The Batt Cave provides tremendous customer savings as it combines the functionality of a battery back-up cabinet with the utility of a riser base.

The “Batt Cave” fits on a standard NEMA “P” base, and will accommodate a NEMA P or R size cabinet. It was designed to fit onto existing pads to facilitate adding a battery backup system to an existing cabinet. This eliminates the need to bolt on a side- mounted cabinet to hold the batteries, as it fits in the existing cabinet mounting envelope. An access door on each side comes equipped with a #2 lock and allows access to the interior of the riser base.

Each side has a slide-out shelf designed to hold two standard gel core batteries (up to 150 lbs) and give easy access for battery installation and maintenance.

Download Datasheet for “Batt Cave” Riser Base