Keep Traffic Moving with Quality MoboTrex Service

Proper maintenance of your traffic control system isn’t just good practice. It’s required by the Federal Highway Administration. Untimely outages or malfunctions disrupt traffic flow and can lead to serious safety concerns.

Be proactive, have your equipment serviced regularly and avoid those malfunctions.

MoboTrex is proud to offer professional service to keep your equipment running properly. Our service team can help you:

  • Improve the reliability of your traffic control equipment.
  • Reduce the need for emergency repair.
  • Provide documentation in the event of an incident.

Emergency repairs can be expensive. Preventive service will save you time and money!

Conflict Monitor Testing

  • A complete test of spare units will be performed.
  • The intersection will be placed into flash.
  • Test unit will be removed at intersection.
  • All circuits will be verified.
  • Passing units will be returned to cabinets. Failed units will be replaced with customer’s spare, if available.
  • Intersection will then be returned to normal operation.
  • Complete documentation and tester output copy will be supplied to the customer.

Cabinet Maintenance

  • Complete CMU/MMU test will be performed.
  • Power feed voltages will be verified.
  • A measurement of the current draw at each load will be performed.
  • All detection system performance will be verified.
  • All terminal screws will be tightened.
  • Filter will be changed.
  • A test of flash operation and all control switches will be performed.
  • All hinges and door locks will be lubricated.
  • A test will be performed of pedestrian push buttons and signage.
  • All findings and recommendations will be documented, and the owner will be contacted for any potential repair authorization.


Turn-On Assistance

  • Ensure proper cabinet component programming and signal operation for new cabinets and existing cabinet modifications.
  • Conflict Monitor Verification Testing
  • Program vehicle and pedestrian detection equipment.
  • Test and program battery backup equipment.
  • Program preemption in controller and test optical/hardwired preemption inputs.
  • Perform field training as necessary or per request for contractors and/or jurisdictional representative onsite.
  • Verify all components are operating the intersection safely.



  • Identify, isolate, and resolve cabinet/component problems per customer request.


Phone Support/Remote Product Support

  • Remote support via internet connection (may not be available for all products)
  • General troubleshooting/product assistance


Examples of Training Available

  • ATC, NEMA TS1/TS2, and 170/2070 cabinet training.
  • Vendor product training for any of MoboTrex’s Vendor partners.
  • Cabinet Troubleshooting
  • Siemens Controller Training
  • Schedule service personnel for personalized training at our Davenport office or to travel to a location of your choosing.


All MoboTrex Technicians are IMSA certified.

For more information or to contact our service department, call 563-323-0009, or request service here