Tuesday Traffic Talk – March 26, 2024

Iteris Enhances Detection Systems with New ‘Sensor Fusion’

Iteris has recently released the latest advancement in traffic detection: Sensor Fusion.

Sensor Fusion combines the strengths of radar and video detection from the Vantage Vector hybrid sensor by intelligently fusing data from both independent algorithms, setting a new benchmark for accuracy and performance.

This advancement not only reduces complaints and operational issues but also significantly enhances public safety and satisfaction.

Effortlessly upgrade your existing systems to incorporate Sensor Fusion with the latest firmware release. This feature is now available across the following detection systems:

Vantage Next – Firmware Version 09.02.25SP2

Vantage Next Max – Firmware 09.05.25SP2

Vantage Apex – Firmware 10.01.02SP3

Click here to read more on the Sensor Fusion feature

Click here to download the new Vantage Vector Datasheet

FHWA Rulemaking Seeks to End ‘Buy America’ Waiver

The Federal Highway Administration recently issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that seeks to discontinue its general waiver of ‘Buy America’ requirements for manufactured products used in federally-funded highway projects.

Click here to read the full story regarding ‘Buy America’ waivers

MUTCD 11’s Impact on Crosswalk Push Buttons

Polara has reviewed the most significant changes in the new MUTCD 11th Edition as they relate to pedestrian push buttons and summarized each of the sections.

Click here to read the MUTCD 11’s impact on crosswalk push buttons

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