Carmanah SpeedCheck

Intelligent radar-activated driver feedback displays,
combined with YOUR SPEED sign face.

  • Reduce driver speed in pedestrian school zones, rural roads, or work zones by as much as 9 mph
  • Most recognized radar speed sign in the industry for 20+ years
  • Compact, lightweight design to simplify installation
  • Proven technology platform with lowest power consumption on the market
  • Meets and exceeds MUTCD requirements

Ultra-clear Light Output

Both 15-inch and 18-inch systems have a 7-segment design with high-contrast display technology for visibility in all weather and lighting conditions. LEDs dim during nighttime operation, no “88” ghosting is visible day or night, and characters have smooth, recognizable digits and letters. SpeedCheck’s proprietary safety mask limits the viewing angle to prevents drivers from watching the display as they pass. High-speed cutoff and optional “Slow Down” message can be programmed at user-defi ned speed thresholds. Signs are MUTCD compliant, install quickly, and can be powered by a solar or AC system.

Easy Installation and Durable Construction

The modular design makes it easy to repair using standard tools—without removing the device from the pole. The durable radar device is constructed with heavy 11-gauge welded aluminum and stainless steel and brass hardware. The vandal-resistant design can absorb up to two inches of impact deflection without damage to internal components.

Advanced User-Interface

Our SpeedCheck sign comes with an on-board user interface for quick confi guration and optional status monitoring. Using a shared platform design, all SpeedCheck products use the same device manager and ontroller, making it easy to quickly add many optional features to fit your application.