TOMAR’s DETOC Series Optical Preemption Detectors sense the optical pulses emitted by properly equipped emergency or transit vehicles.  Mounted to observe the approaches of an intersection, DETOC Detectors are used with TOMAR OSPOC Series Optical Signal Processors or GTT OPTICOM* brand phase selectors to inform the traffic control system of the presence of designated vehicles.

DETOC series detectors are compatible with GTT OPTICOM brand 200, 500, and 700 series IR or IR/GPS phase selectors, and 200, 500, and 700 series LED and strobe based emitters.

DETOC series detectors can be used in mixed intersections or to expand existing optical preemtion systems that use OPTICOM-brand coded optical signals.


  • Compatible with both GTT OPTICOM phase selector manual detector test and Tomar OSPOC automatic detector test.
  • Military derived sensor technology for direct sunlight rejection and detection performance unmatched by ANY other system.
  • Fully encapsulated electronics for complete resistance to water, heat, and vibration.
  • Complete electronics protection from damage due to miswiring or electrical transients.
  • Simple advanced detector installation without any special cabling for enhanced detection around corners and over hills.
  • Tool-less tilt/swivel for each detector head makes aiming easy
Download Datasheet for Tomar DETOC Series Optical Preemption Detectors


*OPTICOM and GTT are trademarks of Global Traffic Technologies, LLC and are not affiliated with Tomar Electronics, Inc. or its products