MS Sedco Intersector Motion and Presence Sensor


The TC-CK1-SBE INTERSECTOR™ is a microwave-based motion and presence sensor used for intersection control. The unit interfaces with a traffic-control cabinet, and outputs signals when vehicles are present in user-defined zones. Zones are created using an X-Y coordinate system, and operation is verified and optimized using a laptop with Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater as part of the installation process.

The TC-CK1-SBE allows users to create up to 8 detection zones and assign vehicle presence in these zones to up to 4 outputs to the control cabinet (e.g. left turn, straight through, right turn). Detection zones can  be created to a maximum distance of 425 feet from the sensor itself. Unlike previous microwave sensors, the INTERSECTOR™ will track the presence of a vehicle in a detection zone for a predetermined  time.

Interface boards are available for the INTERSECTOR™ which are compatible with both NEMA, 170, 179, and 2070 cabinets. For each sensor, one interface board is required in order to communicate with the control cabinet. Three interface boards are available. The TCIB-2.1 provides 2 outputs and uses a single slot in the cabinet. The TCIB-4.1 provides 4 outputs and uses a single slot, and TCIB-4.2 provides 4 outputs and utilizes two slots in the cabinet.


The INTERSECTOR™ brings the advantages of microwave detection together with presence-tracking capabilities in an easy-to-understand visual image. The INTERSECTOR™ offers these advantages when compared to cameras or loops:

  • Detection not affected by weather
  • Immune to sunrise/sunset or post-rain glare
  • Not susceptible to in-road breakage
  • Multiple lanes covered by a single unit
  • Advanced and stop bar detection in a single unit
  • Easily installs to corner pole
  • Successfully detects bicycles/motorcycles
  • Significant cost savings when compared to camera mounting requirements or multiple loops
  • No privacy concerns
  • Classifies bicycles as they approach a red light, allowing users to establish bicycle-only detection zones.

The INTERSECTOR™ allows users to:

  • Graphically track vehicles as they approach the  intersection
  • Easily set up detection zones to provide programmable inputs to a control cabinet
  • Verify that the system is functioning correctly and  troubleshoot