Siemens SEPAC 5 Local Controller Software


TACTICS® 5 provides a powerful, scalable, resilient and easy-to-use traffic management system with a modern user interface that allows the user to

  • Manage on-street traffic equipment through a single user interface
  • Simplify configuration download/upload powered by YAML technology
  • Monitor the overall system status through a summary dashboard
  • Configure devices remotely
  • Download controller software to field devices remotely
  • Analyze the data by running reports and creating diagrams
  • Create strategies and quick responses to react to pre-defined events automatically
  • Easily search and quickly filter information throughout the system
  • Quickly manage intersections using a map view
  • Logically group controllers independent of signal control grouping

Controller support with NTCIP support

TACTICS® can be used to manage and monitor a range of controller software, including those running SEPAC and SEMARC. In addition, it supports NTCIP equipment to be connected and monitored as well having a simple ECOM-to-NTCIP converter that facilitates the migration processes.

Flexible options to suit everyone

The solution is flexible, available with variants tailored to the needs of each traffic system. As it grows, TACTICS® can also scale to the next level, supporting more functions and more field devices

Dashboards and traffic data reporting

With an intuitive, configurable graphical user interface, TACTICS® 5 provides summarized system dashboards as well as detailed traffic intersection information that report on phase status, splits, termination reasons and other programmed data for easy monitoring. Other traffic analysis tools are also available to give insights to the user through intersection diagrams as well as split monitoring and time-space diagrams.

SEPAC front panel

Introduced in TACTICS® 5.1 is an innovative brand new feature that allows the user to view the front panel screen of a controller running SEPAC directly within TACTICS®. A user can navigate to an intersection within TACTICS® and select the “Front Panel” button which brings up a SEPAC front panel display. This SEPAC front panel display within TACTICS® gives the user full and instant control over the controller allowing for immediate data changes.

Build resilience with automated traffic control via Quick Response

TACTICS® 5 offers support for the creation and management of triggers and actions for pre-defined events through the Quick Response module. These configurable responses add a level of automation to the system that can help in planned and unforeseen situations, increasing resilience and adding robustness when managing traffic.

Installation made easy with a redesigned installer

The latest TACTICS® has a completely redesigned installer with simplified user interface that allows engineers to install and upgrade TACTICS® onto servers, workstations and standalone systems quickly using a small number of button clicks. The installer also provides support for patch updates to be deployed without having to reinstall TACTICS® every time, making it easy for new features and patches to be deployed as they become available.

Seamless integration with Yunex SEPAC 5

The system is backwards compatible with older versions of SEPAC and offers full support to the latest Yunex SEPAC 5 traffic controller software, allowing users to benefit from traffic control features that include system banks, import/export facilities for configuration data and NTCIP compliance.