Traffic Signal Backplates


Traffic signal backplates are designed to properly shield a traffic signal from background obstructions.  The backplate provides a dark silhouette that isolates the signal face from store lights, signs, sunlight and other environmental conditions that tend to reduce the brilliance of the light indications.  A study found that backplating can cut the number of vehicle accident claims at intersections by nearly 15%.


  • Cored holes and stainless steel thread forming screws are provided in the die cast aluminum and polycarbonate traffic signals for quick, easy installation of backplates.
  • Aluminum backplates are fabricated from .063” 5052-H32 aluminum and are standardly primed and powder coated flat black on both sides.  Aluminum backplating provides the strongest strength-weight ratio and is very resistant to weather and corrosion in harsh environments.
  • Poly backplates are fabricated from either .125″ high density polyethylene (HDPE) or .125″ acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and are standardly dull black on one side and semi-gloss black on the other
    side. If reflective tape is being used, or will be used after purchase, ABS poly is required for proper adhesion. Polyethylene backplating is very resistant to impacts and abrasions. It will also keep its strength and shape in extreme temperatures and severe weather conditions.
  • Available with 1”, 2” and 3” wide reflective tape installed in center or flush with outside edge.  If reflective tape is required, the backplates will be fabricated from ABS material.


Download Datasheet for Signal Backplates