The new best in Vehicle2X communication

The Yunex Traffic RSU2X is the communication and application hub between roadside infrastructure and Onboard Units (OBUs). The bidirectional communication via the RSU enables both the transmission of information such as speed limits and the reception of onboard unit messages in real time. The RSU2X provides key data for a precise picture of the traffic situation, enabling more efficient traffic control, a significant reduction in accident numbers and reduction in emissions.

High level of security

The RSU2X has been developed according to the Product and Solution Security process with regular threat and risk analyses and hardening measures. These include secure passwords, secure boot, as well as the use of encrypted and authenticated TLS interfaces to protect your network infrastructure. The unit is additionally protected with a tamper response mechanism, a Hardware Security Module (HSM) and a TPM chip for secure storage of private keys.

Superior Performance and Ease of Use

It is designed for best-in-class performance in every aspect. The RSU2X provides dual-radio, dual-stack technology and can be used in 802.111p/DSRC as well as in C-V2X (3GPP Rel. 14/15) environments, making it a flexible and future proof choice. It is powered via Power-Over-Ethernet. All antennas are fully integrated inside the weatherproof housing and custom designed for maximum radio coverage of up to 2500m. The quad core processor in combination with the powerful radio modules ensures superior edge-computing performance even in high traffic load scenarios with up 4000 message verifications and 130 message signature operations per second. For maximum connectivity the unit features various additional communication interfaces like Ethernet, RS485, USB, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. All necessary interfaces and connectors are easily accessible directly or via a service hatch.