Ethernet Base Contact Closure

The Encom Web I/O is designed as a robust and cost effective way to monitor and control critical assets by providing simple, rugged, and reliable wireless communications to enable the next generation of on/off public safety, industrial, and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) applications.

Encom’s Web I/O provides bulletproof wireless communications; operating in mission critical applications and preventing traffic accidents when employed in commercial vehicle inspection stations, traffic signal pre-emption systems, and school-zone flashing beacon systems.  Encom’s Web I/O has the flexibility to be integrated with numerous applications, adding agility and flexibility to existing systems.

The Encom Web I/O acts as a gateway between Encom I/O products (I/O4, I/O8, WBCU and SBX) and an IP based LAN network so that users can monitor and control up to 254 remote unites via its embedded web server Zone Watch software or Stratos Elite.


  • Ethernet-based 900 MHz master radio

  • Includes a web server

  • Wide-area control of up to 254 remote units within a 20-mile radius

  • Includes ControlPAK and ZoneWatch software for centralized control