The Vantage Edge2® processor is a key component in the family of Vantage® video detection solutions. The module combines state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated algorithms to deliver dependable vehicle detection required for today’s complex transportation systems. The Edge2 processor features single, dual, or quad video inputs to maximize configuration efficiencies for intersection control, highway monitoring, and ramp metering flow control applications.

The processor module is complimented by multiple Input/Output and Extension Modules that provide flexible and expandable solutions to meet the needs of larger and more complex intersection configurations.

The Edge2 processor module and its associated expansion modules fit into standard detector racks to simplify installation and setup. All modules are designed as a simple and cost-effective replacement for the inductive loop amplifier module configuration.


  • Convenient – “Plug-and-play” operation enables use of existing detector rack.
  • Intuitive – Simple-to-use interface reduces training time and improves productivity levels.
  • Easy to install – Ease of setup and minimal lane closure time reduces manpower cost and keeps traffic flowing during equipment installation.
  • Expandable – Modular system allows for optimal configuration that helps to reduce cost while preserving room for incremental growth.