350 ATC Traffic Cabinet


The Eagle model 350 ATC cabinet assembly meets or exceeds the new ITS v2 Cabinet standards. This new, state-of-the-art traffic control cabinet combines the best of all worlds – functionality, efficiency, safety, and maintainability. Designed to do more in a smaller space, this advances new design is the future of traffic control, especially when used with the advanced capabilities of the ATC controller.

The Eagle 350 ATC cabinet assembly provides control for up to 32 output channels and management for up to 120 detector inputs, capable of handling even the most complex intersection configuration. Using high-density, compact components, the cabinet subassemblies are drastically reduced in size, allowing the use of a smaller size cabinet, or greatly expanded additional space in the 350 style. The 350 cabinet shell is based around a standard, rack mount 340 cabinet shell for compatibility with existing NEMA “P” cabinet equipment. Four doors enable access from either side to provide easy maintenance and programming for technicians.

One of the primary design objectives with the ATC cabinet was safety, for both drivers and maintenance personnel. To that end, the cabinet has been designed to safeguard users from accidental shock hazard for components greater than 48V by utilizing touch sage components and guarding high voltage connections Along with the standard voltage monitoring, the 350 ATC cabinet also includes current monitoring to improve driver safety in the event of a conflict situation. A key new feature is the ability to remove and replace the output assembly without turning the intersection dark.

Standard Features

  • Fits standard NEMA P base
  • Fabricated from 1/8″ thick type 5052-H32 vinyl-coated, mill finished aluminum utilizing continuously welded construction.
  • Door openings double flanged on all sides.
  • Furnished with two internal E.I.A. 19″ racks for mounting equipment. Main door lock – industrial standard pin tumbler lock with #2 key. All internal and external hardware utilizes non corrosive material, including the hinges.
  • Flush-mounted police panel with standard police lock. Stainless steel, 3/4″ diameter handles with three-point locking mechanism.


67” H x 44.5” W x 26” D

Standard Features

  • 16 output channels – standard quad intersection with 4 pedestrian and 4 overlap phases.
  • 24 Channels of Vehicle Detection, Pedestrian Inputs, and EVP.
  • 2 or 4 channel Detector Modules.
  • High-efficiency, switching power supply.
  • Programmable yellow/red or all red flash through the use of color-coded flash plugs.
  • Field Output Panel with Phoenix pluggable connectors for connection to signal heads.
  • 4 channel flasher output, monitored by conflict monitor.
  • 48VDC Coil Flash Transfer Relays.
  • CMU2212 for conflict monitoring with auxiliary display unit.
  • Pluggable surge suppressor/line filter on incoming power.
  • Pluggable surge protection on output field terminals.
  • Pull-out drawer / shelf.
  • Thermostatically controlled ventilation system with 100
  • CFM fans.
  • Door-switch controlled LED lighting above each door.
  • Simple migration path to 48VDC signal operation.

Standard Door Specifications

  • Provided with three-point locking mechanism with duplexnylon rollers, top and bottom. 3/4″ diameter stainless steel inward-turning handles with provisions for padlocking.
  • Main door lock – industrial standard pin tumbler lock with #2 key.
  • Louvered inlet with filter to prevent dirt from entering with air flow.
  • Closed-cell neoprene door seal gasket.
  • Stainless steel leave hinges with .190″ diameter stainless steel hinge pins. Pin ends are welded to the hinge and ground smooth. Hinge pins and bolts are covered by the door edge and not accessible when the door is closed.

Ordering Information

  • ELS340 – Cabinet with (2) 19” racks, (4) doors
  • ELS350 – Cabinet with (2) 19” racks, (5) doors
  • JBS2350TMT01 – Terminal facility with 16-channel,120VAC output assembly
  • JBS2351TMT01 – Terminal facility with 16-channel, 48VDC output assembly