Recently named the “2021 Coolest Thing Made in Illinois”, the all-new, innovative Eagle Defender is a heated signal visor and the latest Eagle product that focuses on improving driver safety. While the implementation of LED traffic signals in the mid-2000s heralded a significant power savings, a new and unexpected problem cropped up – snow buildup on the lenses. When snow collects on the LED lens, it can impede or even completely block the indication to the motorist. This is a significant safety issue for any motorist passing through the intersection trying to determine whether to stop or proceed. The Eagle Defender solves this issue and keeps the intersection safe, even during the worst snowstorms.

The Eagle Defender utilizes an ultra-efficient, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating element to keep the visor warm in snow conditions. The PTC technology is extremely durable, reliable, and heats up quickly, eliminating the chance for snow to build up on the LED. Using this modern PTC heating technology means the heater will keep a constant temperature on every point of the heater, and the heater will never rise above a safe temperature because it is self-limiting.



  • Flexible heater installed on inside of visor
  • Control Module installed in signal, can control up to five (5) heaters
  • Temperature and humidity probe installed in signal to determine if conditions for snow are present
  • Power is typically supplied using an extra, unused wire from the signal cable
  • Available on new signals or as a retrofit kit


Control Module

  • Module designed to fit on existing terminal block mounting holes.
  • Each visor connects independently to the control module. Five visors can hook into a single module and are controlled independently.
  • Module has a single connection to 120V.


Temperature/Humidity Probe

  • Probe mounted somewhere on the outside of the signal.
  • Module settings to operate the heaters during typical snowing conditions – below 35.6° F and above 75% RH.