Traffic Cabinet Power Supply


The Cabinet Power Supply (CPS) provides a regulated DC power, an unregulated AC power and a line frequency reference for the BIUs, loadswitches, detector racks and other auxiliary equipment within the cabinet. The Cabinet Power Supply is shelf mounted. The CPS meets the specifications of NEMA TS2-1998, Section 5, and exceeds the TXDOT TS-2 2003 addendum.


9″W x 4.0″H x 6.75″L
(229 mm W x 102 mm H x 171 mm L)
Power Requirements:
89 VAC to 135 VAC
Interface: MS3106-18-IPW

+ 12 VDC @ 5.0 Amps
+ 24 VDC @ 3.0 Amps
12 VAC @ 0.25 Amps Line Frequency Reference Test jacks for 24 VDC

24 VDC
12 VDC
12 VAC
Line Frequency