The Multilink EDP 1000 Double-Conversion UPS is an uninterruptible power supply with an output capacity of 700W. The EDP is designed to provide high quality, stable AC power to critical equipment that requires continuous, regulated power. With a pure sine wave output, Multilink’s double-conversion UPS provides less electrical interference to sensitive loads with zero loss in output power. With 4 LEDs and a 4 line LCD display, UPS operating statistics scroll across the screen to provide at-a-glance monitoring. Ethernet connectivity is standard and includes an on-board web page for status monitoring and configuration. Compatibility with generators using Multilink’s Safety Automatic Transfer Switch (SATS) provides lasting back-up power during long utility outages and low battery shutdown. With 3 models to choose from, the EDP Double-Conversion UPS is scalable to provide the most efficiency with superior confidence in any network environment.