Flexible, dependable, low-cost, the Sensys Networks wireless vehicle detection system uses magneto-resistive wireless sensors to detect vehicle presence and movement. Virtually maintenance free, the FlexMag sensors install in minutes, and deploy in a matter of hours, transmitting real-time data for a variety of traffic management applications.


  • Wireless in-pavement or below bridge deck installation
  • Longer expected life than your average loop
  • Impervious to weather
  • Rapid installation and deployment reduces road closures and worker exposure
  • Patented, ultra-low “NanoPower” communications protocol
  • Superior accuracy, dependability, and extensibility
  • Universal platform for all traffic detection applications
  • Self-calibrating, self-tuning
  • Re-usable and remotely upgradeable
  • Easily deployed in complex configurations
  • Capable of over 300 million detections
  • Ability to enable temperature reporting


  • More memory, more advanced microprocessor for more advanced applications
  • New digital radio chipsets for better RF performance and range
  • Larger batteries and reduced power consumptions yield longer expected life in all conditions and for all applications


  • 3-axis magnetometer for vehicle and motorcycle detection
  • Sampling rate: 32/128 Hz
  • Reliable 2-way radio communications with Sensys Networks gateways