Siemens TACTICS 5 Transportation Management System


Building on more than 25 years of  on-street traffic control systems design, Yunex SEPAC local controller software offers a range of exciting state-of-the-art features that facilitate traffic control, providing functionality around traffic priority for multimodal transportation, support to multiple different on-street detection systems, NTCIP compliance and the latest peer-to-peer communications technology.
The software is user-friendly, accommodating a large variety of traffic control requirements by providing extensive configuration flexibility and full compatibility with Yunex m60 and CalTrans 2070 style traffic controllers.

Features at a glance

  • User-friendly, 16-line menu-driven software with parameters viewable from menu screens.
  • Support for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) data for DSRC-enabled connected vehicles.
  • Peer-to-peer communications, linking multiple intersections to create a local adaptive green wave that enhances traffic flow.
  • Logically laid out keysets with simple setup and startup using standard traffic nomenclature throughout the system.
  • Rich sets of logging, diagnostics and reporting capabilities available for troubleshooting and data analysis.
  • Ability to export/import intersection configuration and remotely upload software using the Yunex TACTICS® 5 Advanced Traffic Management System.

The latest peer-to-peer traffic communications technology

Engineers can use the peer-to-peer communications module of SEPAC and existing on-street detection to identify platoons of vehicles traveling through a network of interconnected signalized intersections. Combine this with the industry-­leading priority routines within SEPAC and the identified platoon can be prioritized by applying phase reductions or green time extensions to generate a green wave for the platoon to traverse multiple intersections.

Using the powerful tools available within SEPAC the engineer can improve traffic flow, increase efficiency by removing unnecessary vehicle braking or acceleration and reduce congestion that improves air quality.

Traffic priority to encourage multimodal transportation

Giving high priority to public transportation without interrupting the general traffic flow has been a major challenge for conventional traffic control software in the past. The Yunex SEPAC software has a powerful traffic signal priority mechanism that enables mobility, safety and a better environment to improve the quality of life in cities by enhancing performance of traffic signal control for a number of transportation channels such as Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) with minimal impact on pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

MoboTrex Dial/Split/Offset & Action Plan Conversion Tool

Yunex Traffic, a division of Siemens, has unified their SEPAC software so controllers running EPAC and NTCIP protocols are programmed using the same menu structure. However, they have eliminated their Dial/Split/Offset combinations and now refer to Action Plan Patterns. MoboTrex has developed an online Conversion Tool which will help you translate D/S/Os to Patterns and Patterns to D/S/Os. View it here.