12-inch Aluminum Pedestrian Signals


  • Meets or exceeds ITE specifications.
  • Design provides minimum weight but maximum rigidity
    and strength.


One piece die-cast unit with serrations in 5° increments at each end. Each housing has provisions for mounting two terminal blocks. Housings may be fastened together to make multi-section signals.


One piece die-cast aluminum unit equipped with stainless steel hinge pins. Two stainless steel captive eye bolts and wing nuts permit easy access to the inside of the housing.


One piece formed aluminum visor is secured with stainless steel hardware. Cutaway and tunnel visors are available.


Weather-tight quality of the unit is assured by separate lens and door gaskets.

Positive Positioning

Positive positioning and locking is achieved through the use of serrated brackets.


Completely compatible with all standard signal hardware.