City of Marietta Storm-Induced Power Failure

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On June 24, 2015, a wide area power failure was detected at multiple school beacons within the City of Marietta. Immediately a text message and email was sent to the Marietta traffic engineers alerting them about the multiple power failure. A large storm had just passed through city and caused a area wide power failure event. The Glance Weather Sensor confirmed that a large storm had occurred at the same time as the power failure event. This provided the traffic engineers with the knowledge that the power failure event was most likely due to the storm.

The traffic engineers immediately notified the utility company of the power problems. The utility company dispatched a team to resolve the power issue. A tree had fallen down during the storm and had broken a power line supplying the affected area. Power was restored to the school beacons about 50 minutes later.

The Solution

The Glance Smart City Supervisory System allowed traffic engineers to remotely manage the power failure event with constant feedback being provided from Glance. This advanced notice of the power failure event provided the team with a head start and ensured that the school beacons were online for the following day of operations. Below you can see a graph showing the precipitation intensity during the storm that passed through the city. This vital weather information provided the city with the additional information that the power failure event was most likely weather related.

Precipitation Intensity

Event Timeline:

Event Timeline

Comments from Customer, Tim Cox:

“Glance has provided me a great overview of all my traffic assets”

“The system has allowed us to be much more effective”

“The team at Applied Information and Temple team have been very responsive and provide a great service”

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