New Controllers Bring Enhanced Platform for ITS

Give Better Intersection Management Control

We’re excited to see our customers moving towards the next generation of intersection management.

The new Siemens M60 ATC controller and Linux upgrade kits allow customers to move up to the latest Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Standards. This gives traffic engineers in all sizes of municipalities the ability to make faster decisions and maintain traffic uptime.

Credit is due to Siemens’ new version of its M60 Advanced Traffic Controller. Customers are able to upgrade existing controllers, as well as install this new model. The M60 advanced traffic controller software acts as the intersection management nerve center.

One customer is using federal funds from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program to upgrade and replace its controllers. The program supports the reduction of idling at intersections and lessening of fine particulate pollution.

We’re finding that the upgrade to existing controllers is saving 50 percent of the cost of new, while customers also gain more memory, speed and flexibility. The benefit is that customers gain the ability to run multiple programs on a single controller and receive advanced performance measurement capabilities.

6 Things to Consider Before You Upgrade:

  • The age of the existing controller in the field.
  • Determine desired performance measurements needed from the controllers to help maintain traffic flow.
  • Consider the benefit of real-time data as a result of the Linux processing capabilities and the power built into the M60 controllers.
  • Find an appropriate mix of new M60 controllers and upgrades to existing controllers.
  • What other helpful tools could be could be gained from the cost savings realized during the upgrade?
  • With a new platform from which to work, you will gain the ability to run new applications as they are developed. What new functionality would you like to see in your system?