MoboTrex Launches New Website

MoboTrex is pleased to announce its recently redesigned website with the help of Amperage Marketing.  The new and improved site design launched at the beginning of July and has many upgrades.  We have eliminated the three separate URLs to avoid confusion and have merged everything from the previous three pages into one  You will notice right away that we have made our website easier to navigate by having tabs at the top of every page with drop-down menus directing you various pages you can visit.

Our list of main product categories are located in one spot on the front page and you can easily cross over between products via the drop-down tabs to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Launching this new and improved website allows you to quickly have an understanding about what MoboTrex represents and what products we offer.  Finding specific information on individual products has now become even easier as well.  We also have the ability to customize the three major stories you see on the front page to anything we’d like such as new product launches, special events, blogs etc.  If you have ideas for front page stories or features please reach out to us at!

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