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Nothing stops MoboTrex. We make intersections safe and efficient throughout North America.

Our name stands for progress, and it’s a sure sign that you’re getting the most reliable and smart traffic control products around. Backed by years of innovation, MoboTrex is the one to trust for high-quality equipment and cost-effective solutions.

MoboTrex is the largest U.S. manufacturer of ATC Cabinets in the United States.

American Made.  Texas Made.  Austin Made.

UL Listed NEMA Enclosures

MoboTrex manufactures a range of UL Listed NEMA Cabinets and Enclosures including the common 1, 3R and 4 type Cabinets.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is a privately owned and operated, independent third-party product safety testing and certification organization with more than 1,000 standards for safety. These standards ensure safety and improves the quality of the enclosure. We produce standard and custom electrical enclosures that comply with UL standards to give you a high-quality, UL listed enclosure.

• Ground Mounted
• Pole Mounted
• Wall Mounted
• Custom Enclosures

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Innovative Traffic Control Products

MoboTrex manufactures traffic control equipment including traffic and pedestrian signals, traffic control cabinets, monitoring systems and intersection software. We take safety to the next level with advanced engineering and strict quality-control measures. Providing custom traffic solutions to your challenges is our specialty. With an extensive product line and strategic partnerships for unlimited brand access, MoboTrex is your complete source for safe, convenient and timely travel. Our innovative line of products include:

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MoboTrex moves North America with innovative mobility solutions, comprehensive traffic control products and valuable service and training programs. Take control of traffic trouble spots with a company that is dedicated to safely connecting people and places everywhere.

The MoboTrex vision is to impact the mobility of every person in America. We do this by providing equipment, software and services throughout the United States and Canada to monitor and control traffic flow. Check out our 18 distribution regions.