Tuesday Traffic Talk – February 27, 2024

5 Questions to Ask About Build America, Buy America Compliancy

When it’s time to request federal funds for the community’s next infrastructure product, there are some specific questions to ask upfront regarding Build America, Buy America (BABA) compliancy.

The answers to these questions may even affect funding due to the BABA requirement that projects utilizing federal funds use manufactured products and construction materials sourced and produced in the United Sates.

1. What are the funding agency’s stipulations regarding BABA compliancy?

The rules may differ slightly based on which federal agency is administering the funds.

2. What are the necessary materials?

This can help determine what falls under the new stipulations and what steps to take next.

3. Who are potential partners and companies to work with?

Considering companies, such as MoboTrex, that are taking the steps to certify products as BABA compliant.

4. Do the contractors have certifications in place?

Both contractors and subcontractors should certify their BABA compliance.

5. When will the federal funding be utilized?

As waivers for BABA compliancy expire, it’s crucial to consider when the funds will be spent.

As a proud American-owned-and-operated manufacturer, MoboTrex employs more than 100 United States employees in its Texas facility where many of its BABA compliant products are manufactured.

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Nebraska User’s Group Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended the Nebraska User’s Group this past week!

As we wrap up the 2023-2024 User’s Group season we would like to thank all of our vendors and customers who supported the three events and made them all great shows.

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