Tuesday Traffic Talk – March 14, 2023

Smart Tracker from Multilink

Monitor & Control with GPS at Your Fingertips 

The Smart Tracker from Multilink is a Remote Power Manager designed to provide 8 resettable outlets for any piece of equipment attached to it.

It is an IP-ready, GPS-enabled device that provides the system-owning and/or managing agency with remote access control of (8) NEMA Rated 5-15R outlets, (8) 10A output relays, (8) digital inputs, (2) analog DC voltage inputs (for battery voltage monitoring), plus temperature and humidity sensors – all in one unit!

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Coming Soon: Smart Tracker Lite

The Smart Tracker Lite is a cost-effective version of Multilink’s full featured model that decreases the analog and digital connections in the back from 8 to 4.

Click here to download the Smart Tracker Lite Datasheet

Utah DOT Successfully Installs Eagle Defender

KSL News out of Utah recently highlighted the Eagle Defender heated signal visor in a news story while featuring the Utah Department of Transportation’s successful implementation.

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Eagle Signal History – February 1960


The Eagle Signal Company advertisement above was published in The American City in February of 1960.

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