Revamping a Classic – Introducing the Brilliant P ATC Cabinet

Everyone loves a classic. It’s the reason people still revere the Beatles, Elvis Presley, the ’63 Corvette and the original Star Wars trilogy. Classics are timeless. Familiar. Comfortable. But advances in modern technology can push these classics to the side in favor of new trends. Which means the classics have to be updated occasionally.

The Beatles’ original recordings were remastered to improve the sound fidelity. The Corvette still puts out 650 horsepower of American muscle, but includes improved safety and comfort features, such as hands-free calling, an advanced stereo system and automatic climate control. The classics you love are still relevant in 2017. That’s why the experts at MoboTrex designed the Brilliant P ATC cabinet.

The Brilliant P takes the familiar, classic form of a NEMA “P” cabinet, but upgrades the functionality with the advanced features of the new Advanced Transportation Controller Cabinet (ATCC) standard. The benefits include simplified troubleshooting, upgraded diagnostic tools and plenty of space for peripheral equipment. The Brilliant P also includes improved safety for technicians and motorists, easily expandable or replaceable modular subassemblies and the ability to handle even the most complicated intersection in a single cabinet.

When adding modern equipment like battery backup, video detection, networking devices and Connected Vehicle/Automated Vehicle communication to a NEMA TS1 or TS2 cabinet, it can easily become too crowded to service or create a need for additional cabinets in the area. So we innovated some expert ways to house everything you’ll need in the Brilliant P.

Better Use of Space

The power supply, auxiliary display unit, AC power strip and pull-out drawer are mounted under the shelves to save shelf space for your additional devices. The ATCC components are smaller than their predecessors and take up less space. The load switches are now double-density, to take up less space in the cabinet, and designed specifically for LED signals, to improve the efficiency of each device.

Troubleshooting and Upgrades

Troubleshooting and repairing the cabinet has been simplified with several new and upgraded diagnostic tools. The Auxiliary Display Unit (ADU) for the conflict monitor now includes an LCD display to share more information than ever before – voltage and current data for each channel, fault displays and event logs, and even a HELP button to point you directly to the problem causing the cabinet to go to flash. The new load switches have LED indicators to easily pinpoint issues with specific channels. The CMU programming is done on a memory device instead of a program board, eliminating the tedious task of soldering and cutting jumpers to set your permissives. Now it’s done through a simple, easy-to-use software program that allows you to save your work and create templates for use throughout your city.

Safety Features

The cabinet includes several new safety features, such as current monitoring, voltage monitoring, flasher monitoring and alarms, and a CMU override to prevent dual indications during flashing operation. This helps keep motorists safe during a conflict condition. We removed most of the 120VAC from the cabinet to keep technicians safe. All the remaining 120VAC is hidden behind a panel or Lexan cover to eliminate shock hazards in the cabinet.

A brand new feature is the ability to replace many of the assemblies, including the output assembly, while keeping the cabinet in flashing operation so the intersection won’t go dark and create an unsafe condition for drivers. We even have an option to upgrade the cabinet to a 48VDC version and send a 48VDC output to the signal heads while removing many potential shock hazards in the case of a downed pole or mast arm.

Intersection Efficiency

The Brilliant P packs a powerful punch for your intersection’s safety and efficiency. The new conflict monitor can handle up to 32 output channels to run even the most complicated intersection. The cabinet is easily expandable to handle up to 120 detector channels, and only requires adding the new assemblies and plugging into the convenient AC or DC power buses located in the cabinet. The subassemblies are modular and pluggable to make expansion or replacement simple and quick.

At MoboTrex, we call ourselves mobility and traffic experts for a reason. We’re always finding new ways to deliver innovative products that keep people safe, move traffic smoothly and protect the environment. We recognize that many agencies are interested in the new ATCC features, but are hesitant to move to the rack-mount cabinets that have made their way into the market recently. The Brilliant P is our solution. If you’re ready for an upgrade, but not interested in changing the look and layout of your typical cabinet, contact us today so we can help you upgrade your classic.

Brent Katauskas, P.E., Dealer Development Manager

(512) 521-3081

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