Bill Would Cut Funding to Cities That Use Traffic Cameras

An Ohio lawmaker says he'll test the theory that traffic cameras are meant to prevent crashes, not boost municipal budgets, by cutting funding to … Bill Seitz has introduced a bill that would negate the extra revenue a city earns from traffic cameras by deducting the same amount from its state funding.

Give the new light a 'brake'

Traffic turns onto Lake Trafford Road at North 19th Street where Bonness, Inc. recently installed new traffic lights. (Submitted photo/Travis … Within the last two weeks, Bonness, Inc. began installing overhead traffic signals and it's anticipated that the light will be operational within the next few weeks.

Our View: Want a smart city, too? Synchronize the traffic signals first

There's a lot of buzz around the so-called “smart city” that Bill Gates is planning on 25,000 acres he just bought around Buckeye. The reality is a little …

What would the perfect intersection look like?

Cameras at traffic lights also minimize accidents, Hourdos said, but they're too expensive to have at every intersection. High levels of traffic and exposure — cars entering from … That's the reason we have stop signs, yield signs, traffic signals,” Hourdos said. “The problem is there are these 'gray zones' …

Defunct traffic lights cause chaos at Putlighar Chowk

The traffic signals at busy Putlighar chownk are lying defunct for the past long … The defunct traffic lights at Putlighar Chowk, one of the busiest traffic …

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