Transportation Impact Study Guidelines

When planning starts on a new or re-development project, the Traffic Impact Studies (TIS) assesses the impact on the surrounding network. A comprehensive ‘before’ and ‘after’ of traffic operations is the goal to determine if and when mitigation is needed. For many traffic engineers, the TIS is a key component of their work. This work […]

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Case Study: Data Centered Traffic Calming Experiment in a Neighborhood

The City of St. Louis Park, Minnesota had a neighborhood reconstruction project planned for 2018 with significant resident concerns about traffic issues.  The situation is not unique, but the engineering staff’s approach to the project was. They developed a very detailed public engagement process two years in advance of the reconstruction, which included bringing us […]

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NWA says man of unsound mind damaging traffic signals

The National Works Agency (NWA) has said a man believed to be of unsound mind is suspected of being responsible for vandalising several traffic …


The D-O-T said the traffic cameras rules were designed to ensure the … pass a ban or other types of regulation on the traffic cameras without success.

County green lights traffic signals in Baxter

Simcoe County councillors overturned a staff recommendation that suggested traffic signals weren't warranted at the intersection of Cty Rd 21 and …

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