Tuesday Traffic Talk – June 6, 2023


Yunex Traffic Blade Controller

Edge Capable Advanced Traffic Controller

Coming soon from Yunex Traffic is the next generation in traffic controllers, the Yutraffic Blade Controller.

Blade includes a suite of tools unavailable on other controllers including onboard edge/IoT computing, a 7″ touch screen, a quad-core processor, dual power supplies, WiFi access and customizable analytics for detailed traffic assessment.

More information will be communicated once the controller is officially released.

Click here to download the Blade Controller Brochure

MoboTrex Grant Survey

MoboTrex is looking to gather more information about competitive federal transportation grants.

As part of this process, we are asking for feedback from you to help us with this, and we are specifically asking you today to participate in a short online survey.

We expect the survey to take roughly 5 minutes, depending on the amount of specific feedback you choose to provide.

If someone else in your organization should be filling out the grant survey instead, please forward the survey link below to the appropriate contact.

Take Survey Now

Join Carmanah on June 9th for a public webinar introducing the MX Series: the new standard in connected safety infrastructure.

MX is the simplest, most affordable way for cities to remotely monitor, control, and gather data from their traffic beacons and signs.

This webinar will cover:

• How MX connectivity works out of the box

• Ultra-affordable remote connectivity features

• Simple onsite connectivity with MX Field App

Be sure to check out the June 20th Tuesday Traffic Talk for more information about the Carmanah MX Series.

Click here to register for the MX Series webinar

Click here to read the full Tuesday Traffic Talk

Click here to get signed up for future Tuesday Traffic Talks

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