Made in the USA

Have you considered the quality of your traffic cabinet or where your tax dollars are being used to manufacture cabinets?  Many municipalities and cities often do not realize their traffic cabinets are being outsourced and made in other countries.

You may see labels or hear from others saying their cabinets are “assembled in America”.  It is important to realize that is quite different from being completed “made in America” as MoboTrex is.  The quality of a traffic cabinet only “assembled in America” could potentially be significantly less.  Manufactures will completely make a cabinet outside of the United States and add one small finishing touch to portray it as assembled in America.

MoboTrex has a long history of designing innovative and quality American-made traffic products.  Highlighted by our 133,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Austin, TX, MoboTrex is proud to manufacture all of its cabinets by your neighbors here in the United States.

MoboTrex has all the products and strategic partnerships required to prepare your city’s intersections for future traffic and mobility needs.  We engineer and manufacture Eagle brand NEMA cabinets, CALTRANS cabinets and ATC cabinets, traffic signals and accessories featuring our flagship Eagle Traffic Control Systems.

In addition to the quality of our products, MoboTrex is renowned for its ingenuity. Need a custom enclosure? We can design it. Have a concept sketched out? We can make it reality.

For more information on traffic cabinets please contact your local MoboTrex sales representative or visit our products page.

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