MoboTrex Proves Expertise for Florida DOT

We are trusted experts who strive to add value by making sense out of complex things. We do this because our customers count on us to produce products that function reliably in any kind of operating conditions, without downtime or interruption, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our customers know MoboTrex produces quality products that are built to their specifications and operate without issues.

In addition to knowing our reputation of product quality and reliability, many clients require quality documentation and customer data as evidence that we have quality assurance systems in place. This evidence is required to permit MoboTrex to provide products.

One such customer is FDOT: Florida Department of Transportation.

FDOT uses a quality system similar to ISO 9000 or QS9000 to evaluate and approve suppliers. Suppliers are not permitted to provide any products to FDOT without completing the FDOT Quality System review and approval process.

While MoboTrex is not an ISO- or QS-certified company, FDOT requirements ask us to document and demonstrate our processes to design, build and test our products to meet their requirements. MoboTrex is expected to understand and address both internal and external quality issues, and complete re-certification every four years.

This year, Matt Wood spearheaded the effort to re-certify our quality system with FDOT. We submitted all of the required quality documentation, as well as a video explaining our manufacturing and quality processes. Many of you were part of the team that provided quality documentation and/or were part of the video that showed the organization and professionalism of our facilities.

We are very pleased to announce that we received our FDOT Quality Management System approval. This allows MoboTrex to continue to produce and sell our products to FDOT.

Thank you to all of our MoboTrex experts who worked on this project and who design and produce the best quality products in our industry.

Marty Price, Engineering Manager