Tyler, TX: Perfect for ACS-Lite

Tyler Texas:

29 intersections on a loop that carries 40,000 vehicles daily


Loop corridor joining 3 ACS-Lite systems (maximum capacity is 16 intersections for a single system) and managing traffic flow to minimize congestion. Loop is unique as there is no access-controlled freeway within City limit, thus increasing the vehicle volume.

First Attempt:

Side-fire Radar unites for mid-block detection

Second Attempt:

Two VIDS (mounted as high as possible) to monitor arterial approach

Winning Solution: Vantage Vector


  • One camera rather than two (lower cost)
  • Stopline phase extension calls
  • Setback system detection (for offset & split changes)
  • 600 ft. setback to monitor arterial approach to catch free-flowing traffic
  • Less cluttered mast arm – unit mounts flush
  • Bicycle detection

“Vantage Vector works great for my signal control system needs. I’ve tried several other detection solutions, but have determined Vantage Vector will be used at all locations!”
– Peter Eng, PE, City of Tyler Traffic Engineer

Vantage camera systems also work with SCATS, SCOOT, and other Adaptive systems.

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