Mobotrex Expert Bio: Steve Mixson

Steve Mixson likes making the complex – well, simple. As a MoboTrex
ITS/ATMS Technician, Steve frequently breaks a blueprint into bite-size pieces. Having the entire customer team understand the project process is important for its success, he says.

Steve got started in this industry with MoboTrex in 2008 and is one of five technicians on staff.

He tells us he loves the variety of his work and its challenges. He is in daily contact with MoboTrex customers to ensure traffic management plans and schematics are understandable, and system modifications and launches execute flawlessly. He’s frequently in the field to assist with Traffic Operations and Management Center equipment, as well as traffic signals.

Steve is a crusader of sorts, particularly when a product or component can’t be immediately replaced, and some alternate thinking must be applied to the problem and solution.

Steve holds a B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology and an Associate’s Degree in Computer Support. He has several IMSA Traffic Signal certifications and is always working to expand his skills and knowledge. His experiences as an Eagle Scout stay with him today: get along with everyone, be organized and stay on task, being trustworthy, honest and helpful.

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Steve Mixson

ITS/ATMS Technician

563-468-7926 (cell)

563-328-4480 (direct)